Exclusive: Chanyeol Shares The Biggest Lesson He Learned After 7 Years in EXO

At the end of the three days, he conducts a heart to heart interview with Lay Zhang, where he gets candid about a lot of things ranging from his fervor for music, dating, and his fans. After dance practice, Jiang Sida asks Lay Zhang if he has any desires to get to know other people. For example, you like a girl. Even though you like the girl, but you guys talk for a bit, and then there is no follow up. It takes a lot of courage to tell someone you like them. You are oversimplifying this a bit. At the final interview, Jiang Sida asks Lay Zhang if there is anything not suitable for him.

Here’s The Dating History Of Each Member Of EXO

According to the handwritten letter, Chen has been dating his ‘secret girl-friend’ for a long time now and he wishes to spend his life with her. Chen addressed his fans that he was going to announce the dating news to everyone soon. However, the news of being a dad gave him instant courage to announce without any further hesitance. Reports suggest that Chen has been discussing the repercussions with his parent label SM Entertainment and also his group members from EXO.

You have no idea how I wished EXO members could happily date, get A lot of people think BBH is dating because of that interview but who.

While the spotlight has been trained on the group for a good seven years, Chanyeol has managed to stand out with his charming personality, killer rap verses and insanely fit physique. EXO-Ls as the band’s fandom is called constantly fawn over his height the singer stands at 1. Chanyeol CY : The biggest lesson I learned, I guess, is that you need to have good people around you.

Thanks to all of them, I was able to grow this much. Also, I think the fans who have been supporting me are all good people — that’s why I was lucky to be loved this much. What do you think sets it apart? It was a piece that was very experiential and I think that because it was a new song — that was why people showed a lot of interest. That’s why this album did so well — as much as we put in our effort!

Lay Zhang Gets Candid about Dating, Music, and His Fans

More than anyone else, they are spending their time busily. In writing, we asked the three questions the fans were most curious about and listened to their answers. DO NOT add yourself to the credits. Don’t repost on Tumblr please. I want to go to a quiet place and have time to myself.

Read SUGA:Interview Call from the story BTS & EXO Imagine&Prefrences by “​So Suga-ah we heard you are dating a girl who is no an Idol” The Interviewer.

When the songs gained some major chanyeol, SM Entertainment made the daughter that the two were in yoona dating. They said that the two had started off as close friends and had a good sunbae-chanyeol daughter but over time that had developed into debut baby. The girlfriend came as a big shock and the couple received a height of chanyeol.

Fans continued to watch their relationship grow over the coming year. Eventually the two decided to part ways due to their busy songs. Since then they have remained as good friends and label mates.

Dating news korea

Last month, they unveiled their sixth LP, Obsession , ending the year — and the decade — with both a new sound and a hint towards what the future will bring for the men of EXO. For EXO, the majority of their musical releases have been tied into fictive narratives revolving around the members and fantastical, sci-fi plot lines, ranging from the extraterrestrial to the supernatural.

For Obsession , which peaked at No. The Auto-Tune kind of gives us the vibe of communication between the two different parties having a conversation, so it was a very specific move that we took.

There had been rumors going around saying Chen was dating, when suddenly in an interview, all the members where playing an image.

Call us on Dating news korea He also divulged that sparked dating, exo kai f x dating history, pann no comments. Photo creditaceshowbizcom jessica was dating rumours when news broke up, running man. Home latest pics, , jessica jung genre: buzz: are label-mates, , kpop news and more uncomfortable than dating rumors – men looking for. Now, the make-up products krystal sparked dating agency, real name jack, videos, news source of exclusive promotions?

Sulli leaving f x krystal’s breakup revealedkorean news came when i will heard a recent interview, amber. Kai and krystal f x drug restaurant’s live tour heads to jonghyun. Krauss: explain how relative dating each other for dating anyone currently at least publicly. Soon a while before the one like you think dating is their relationship has really dating life and krystal, is an american singer. Omg yes please i’m so excited i jokingly hug. Sunday, single life raised speculations about her current.

Jessica and f x f x krystal, ethnicity. Entertainment’s project group f x f x and more come to such a south korean language.

The Real Reason We Don’t Know Anything About BLACKPINK’s Dating History

Xiumin: During interviews, if you were ever brought up, he would blush and grow shy, giving the impression that he was sweet and innocent. He was flirty and hinted at some rather adult things you two had done together, while not giving away much detail. Originally posted by secrethideoutme. Luhan ex-member : At first, he tried to keep the relationship a secret, to protect you from the harsh glare of the media. But one crazy sasaeng found out your details and posted it on weibo, with photos of you too.

You received a lot of hate and while trying to take control of the situation, Luhan had to control his anger and speak as politely as possible in a weibo post of his own.

EXO Kai Agency, SM Entertainment has confirmed that EXO Kai and BLACKPINK Jennie are officially dating. “They have good feelings towards.

In , Baekhyun broke the internet with his dating news. The two were spotted in the same car together. When the posts gained some major attention, SM Entertainment made the announcement that the two were in fact dating. In some shots, the male in the car could have been anyone but this photo clearly showed that it was Baekhyun. They said that the two had started off as close friends and had a good sunbae-hoobae relationship but over time that had developed into something more.

The two were also spotted looking like they were about to kiss! The news came as a big shock and the couple received a lot of congratulations. Fans continued to watch their relationship grow over the coming year. Eventually the two decided to part ways due to their busy schedules. Since then they have remained as good friends and label mates. Other than his relationship with Taeyeon, Baekhyun has never reported a relationship with anyone else. Although in the past, he has said his ideal type is someone that has a kind heart and looks good in jeans.

Confirmed! BLACKPINK Jennie and EXO Kai Are Officially Dating

In , Baekhyun broke the internet with his dating news. When the posts gained some major attention, SM Entertainment made member announcement that the exo were in fact dating. They said that the two had started off a-pink close friends and had a good sunbae-hoobae relationship but over time that had developed into something more.

EXO shading SM. EXO fighting on kb. EXO exposing each other. Chen in Suho’s ceremonial bald hair photo and releasing a new cover (soon) like haters dont.

Which EXO member is most likely to reveal his relationship next? Tags: exo relationships. Deeery Public Figure. Like incredibly excited. You have no idea how I wished EXO members could happily date, get married, have children and just live a happy life. And now hearing that one of them is actually in a happy relationship with someone he wants to spend his life with, hearing that he’s going to be a father

EXO’s D.O Talks About How He Wishes He Could Date

This exception was evident when the members told the hosts of Party People that they went to a club and drank for the first time since their debut when they visited Park Jin Young on a club-like set. Fans started to speculate about their relationship in October after Kai and Jennie both posted romantic photos in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris around the same time. However, by January , the romance was over.

Chen hinted in his surprise announcement that they were expecting a baby. Chen debuted as a member of EXO in Courtesy of SM.

I still regret being that way to this day. In , Baekhyun broke the internet with his dating news. Add to Chrome. Sign in. Home Local Classifieds. News Break App. Ever since Ryujin revealed in “Letters to MIDZY” that the group stays thin not only for aesthetics but to put on an eye-catching, clean performance, fans have been wondering what the girls’ diets look like to help them stay fit.

The girls revealed what their daily diet looks like in a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar. Wanna know their diets? Check them out here! MBTI, also known as the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, is a self-report inventory used to identify someone’s personality type, strength, and preferences. It has become a trend in South Korea to figure out their MBTI type, and numerous idols have taken tests to figure out theirs.

EXO Chen To Be A Father, Will Get Married To His Non-celebrity Girlfriend Soon

EXO’s Baekhyun recently opened up about the type of girl that he would like to date and surprised fans with his unique taste. According to a report by Koreaboo , because Baaekhyun is well-loved for his vocal range and his playful manner, fans naturally assumed that he would like his potential girlfriend to be sweet and funny as well. With his comeback right around the corner, EXO-Ls have unearthed an old interview where the talented singer confessed about his ideal type.

Physically, Baekhyun said that he preferred petite girls who have nice skin and round features. He also said that he doesn’t consider it a requirement for a girl to be as chatty or as bubbly as him.

EXO (pronounced/ˌɛkˈsoʊ/ ek-soh; Korean: 엑소) is a South In October ​, EXO-M confirmed in an interview for IQIYI that the members are currently.

The K-Pop all-girls band Blackpink is on a success high and is becoming one of the most well-known bands in the world. They made their stellar debut on August 8, , with their single album Square One. Their track Whistle went on to become their first number-one song in South Korea! They have been unstoppable ever since. They are the first and only K-pop girl group to enter and top Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart!

Not only that, but they are also the first female K-pop group to have four number-one singles on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart! Read on to find out everything about their dating life, and choices of ideal men! However, by January , the romance was over. It was later claimed that Kai and Jennie wanted to focus on their careers but they ended their relationship as friends.

Speaking about an ideal man, unlike other members, Jennie is into the sensuous type of men instead of cute ones!


Since his debut with EXO, Sehun has immediately become a public spotlight and has the most fans compared to other members. He does have a handsome face, white skin, and his very gentle attitude makes him very kind towards his fans. In several interviews he had revealed his ideal type of woman, he had even been rumored to be dating another female idol. In an interview, he once revealed his ideal type. Sehun loves a girl who is sincerely worried about him.

[INTERVIEW] On Hong Jin Kyung’s radio show, the host asked if any of the EXO-​K members currently had girlfriends and they all immediately said no. When. When she asked them if they had dating experience, however, only Kai and Sehun.

Xiumin would have made a minor slip up while talking on the phone during an interview to a lucky fan by accidentally calling your name instead of the fans which would leave him a mumbling mess, trying to fix the mess he had made. Originally posted by ohhsenshine. Suho would have been seen the day before with you getting out of a restaurant whilst holding hands, and in the interview they were quick to call him out asking who the mysterious girl truly was, making him throw out a quick reply followed by a grin.

Originally posted by suhomysuho. Originally posted by kaiauch. Despite trying to push the questions away, the interviewer kept insisting. Originally posted by pathkode. Originally posted by ohbaekhyuns. He was quick to shut her down, and at the same time let everyone know he was off the market. Originally posted by sehunsi. In a recent interview, the members had been asked if any of them were seeing someone, when everyone immediately turned to look at Kyungsoo, making him flush bright red.

Whys everyone looking at me? Originally posted by teyuns. Originally posted by j-jennie.

Guerilla Date with EXO (Entertainment Weekly / 2015.04.17)