Recess, concussions and eggs: These 13 new Arizona laws could affect you

Jump to navigation. The following comprises Phoenix, Arizona’s animal-related ordinances. Topics include the keeping of reptiles or wild animals, vicious animal provisions, and sections addressing animal cruelty. An entire article Article IV deals with the confinement of animals in motor vehicles. Adjoining lot or parcel of land means any lot or parcel of land which in any way and at any point abuts, adjoins or otherwise meets the property line of another lot or parcel of land and includes a lot or parcel of land which is divided by a dedicated alley and which but for the alley would be abutting, adjoining or otherwise meeting the property line of another lot or parcel of land. At large means being neither confined by an enclosure nor physically restrained by a leash, whether on or off premises of the owner or custodian. Collar means a band, chain, harness or suitable device worn around the neck of a dog to which a license may be affixed. Dog park means a fenced area designated by the Parks Board or Director as a location where dogs are permitted to be off leash without meeting the requirements of Section D 5.

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Become a NEW Arizona Notary Public and/or business) more than 30 days from today’s date and did not report that change In-Person Filing – Phoenix Office.

Phoenix Criminal Attorney is a group of highly rated criminal defense attorneys who represent clients accused of threatening or intimidating crimes in Phoenix, AZ. Our attorneys possess in-depth knowledge of Arizona harassment laws and can deal with all cases involving verbal or physical threats. Threatening and intimidating violence in Arizona can attract severe penalties, but with the right attorney, there are various defenses including arguing that there was no actual threat made, self-defense, or the alleged threat was not criminal.

Based on the threatening and intimidating statute in Arizona, it is a crime to threaten violence, severe property damage, or cause serious public inconvenience. All they need to do is report the threat. According to ARS , most harassment cases are charged as felonies, and they often arise from unconfirmed claims.

It means if a person is biased, he or she can exaggerate the story. The majority of these claims are reported by victims who have been frustrated or angered by someone else. In some circumstances, it becomes a class 6 felony where the victim faced threats or intimidation as retaliation for reporting criminal activity or being a member or a street gang.

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As traumatic as sexual abuse against a child may be, until recently, an additional heartbreak and injustice often resulted from the law itself. This meant that, as the Me-Too movement gained steam, many who were victims as children were left without recourse as they grew older. While they may have been sexually abused as a minor, because they failed to file suit anytime from the ages of , their rights to civil justice were forever extinguished.

It is perfectly understandable why someone might not rush to the courthouse to file a lawsuit for childhood sexual abuse in those first two years of adulthood. But, until recently, unless those reasons included the complete inability to remember the abuse, or unless the victim was under continued threat from the perpetrator which prevented the victim from filing a lawsuit, it was very difficult — if not impossible — to achieve justice in a civil court of law.

Such cases were often thrown out by the courts before they ever reached a fair settlement or trial for being untimely filed. Yet, to the relief of victims and victim-advocates everywhere, the law in Arizona was changed earlier this year. Additionally, even victims who are more than 30 years old may be able to properly file suit in Arizona, but only through December 31, This means that anyone who was sexually abused as a minor now has until their 30th birthday to file a lawsuit against the person s who directly engaged in the abuse AND also against the an entity that employed or enabled that abuser, to the extent that the entity could be found negligent for having done so.

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If you fail to follow the Arizona age of consent laws, you could face a sex crime conviction. Arizona courts prosecute sex crimes doggedly. They are often crimes that evoke a strong emotional response in the public. Regardless of the actual circumstances of your offense, prosecutors will seek harsh punishment.

Recess, concussions and eggs: These 13 new Arizona laws could affect you. Provides affordable dating services at below-market rates for members of the.

Before the Court can consider your case, you must enter a plea. An Arraignment provides an opportunity for you to enter an initial plea for your charges. Regardless of how severe the charges, you may have defenses and rights you are not aware of. You do not want to detriment or waive these rights or defenses by pleading guilty. A good DUI or criminal defense lawyer may be able to get your charges dismissed, reduced, or otherwise more favorable outcome in your case.

An Arraignment in Maricopa County is generally a brief but formal hearing. You can expect the following at your Arraignment:. If you have a scheduled Arraignment criminal or DUI charges, one of the most important decisions you will need to make, is how to plea.

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Consumer fraud, as defined by Arizona law, is any deception, unfair act or for a violation of the Consumer Fraud Act within one year from the date the claim arises. (Tucson), or toll-free outside of metro Phoenix, () ​

Every parent knows the worry that comes when teenage children fall in love. Intense emotions, raging hormones and the pressures of a highly promiscuous teen culture can push almost any child into early sexual involvement. But for young people in Arizona, the legal consequences of forbidden sexual activity can be completely life-shattering.

Sadly, all it takes to turn a teenage romance into a nightmare that never ends is a single complaint to the police from an angry parent or a jilted boyfriend or girlfriend. Age of sexual consent is the age at which a state says a person can agree to engage in sexual activity. Twenty-five states set the age of consent at 16 years, eight states set it at 17, and Arizona is one of seven states that set the legal age of consent at

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Navigating the family court system in Arizona can often be a confusing and difficult process to manage on your own. At Fresh Start, we strive to help women effectively advocate for themselves and their children in family court. We offer group special topic classes presented by licensed attorneys and professionals. Our CLDPs can provide document preparation and general family law information pertaining to legal rights, procedures or options available to individuals not represented by an attorney.

New laws going into effect in Arizona in affect the minimum wage, medical marijuana testing, primary elections, opioids and more. By.

Arizona child labor laws regulate the employment of youth in the state of Arizona. These laws dictate the ages and the times as well as the types of work they may perform. Generally, speaking children 13 years old or younger may not work in Arizona, except in some limited situations. Youth who are 14 and 15 years old may work in a broader range of jobs, but are significantly limited in the number of hours per day and per week they may work, especially when school is in session. Youth who are 16 and 17 years old may work in a broad range jobs, but cannot work in those jobs that have been explicitly deemed to be too hazardous, unless a variance is granted.

The details of Arizona child labor laws are discussed below. Back To Top. Arizona child labor laws have provisions specifically directed to 14 and 15 year olds, including restrictions on what times during a day 14 and 15 year olds may work, how many hours in a week they many work, and what jobs or occupations they may perform.

For more information, visit our Arizona Child Labor laws — 14 and 15 year olds page. Arizona child labor laws have provisions specifically directed to 16 and 17 year olds, including restrictions on what jobs or occupations they may perform. For more information, visit our Arizona Child Labor laws — 16 and 17 year olds page. Employers may apply for variations from Arizona child labor law restrictions on occupations for 14 — 17 year olds by submitting a written application to the Arizona Industrial Commission.

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The age of consent refers to the minimum age an individual can legally consent to having sexual relations. In Arizona, the age of consent is 18 years old. Under Arizona law, individuals 17 and younger lack the capacity to agree to participate in sexual activity. Criminal charges may be filed against the offending adult, and you may have to register as a sex offender. Age of consent laws refer to the legal age someone may consent to having sexual relations with another person.

Arizona, like most states, imposes strict age of consent laws with serious criminal repercussions.

Minors under 16 may cannot marry. Thank you for subscribing! FindLaw Newsletters. Stay up-to-date with.

ARIZONA — The start of the new year also brings the start of several new Arizona laws going into effect in , affecting the minimum wage, primary elections, opioid prescriptions and more. Here are some of the changes for Patch is a space for neighborhood news. Please keep your replies clean, friendly and factual.

Read our community guidelines here. Mandatory testing for medical marijuana distributed by dispensaries: Starting this year Arizona marijuana dispensaries must have their products tested by a third-party lab for contaminants including pesticides and heavy metals. And caregivers and patients have the right to request the lab’s results.

Opioid prescriptions written on paper are not legal: Starting this year, all opioid prescriptions must be sent electronically, to aid the state in preventing opioid prescription fraud and in tracking potential abuse and usage rates. Tobacco-buying age raised to The Tucson City Council passed a law raising the minimum age of those buying e-cigarettes and other tobacco products to 21 as of Jan.

However, the city’s measure was “trumped” by the U. President’s signature Dec. That law, according to the FDA website, went into effect immediately upon his signing. Family caregiver reimbursement: Beginning Jan.

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